Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post Mortem Photography

Last week was my friend's birthday.
We watched movies all day. What tickles me fancies is the movie "The Others"

Here in this movie, shown a photo album that has pictures of people that looks like sleeping very deep. 
I was so surprised knowing that the pictures are the pictures of the dead. One of the characters in the movies said that it is the photo album of the dead. So I researched on the matter.

I found out that it is called Post Mortem Photography and the style used in the movie is the Victorian style of Post Mortem Photography.

Of course, I bother to look for some to ease my curiosity.

Here's some:

Gives me the creeps all the fucking time. Look at them sleeping uhh... yeah. 
That other one even had his doll beside him.

Treat me good will ya?

Hi I'm Oliver.
I'm new to blogging so treat me good okay?

I am a college student, from the Philippines and I'm struggling college. Fuck it's hard.
I have a girl friend that is - and she's damn beautiful. I love her so much.

Guess what? I'm a curious bastard who wants to try anything. :)